BBC Radio Suffolk Interview

BBC Radio Suffolk Interview

It’s always a privilege being in the spotlight and on Monday 28th Jan 2019, I had the opportunity of being a guest on BBC Radio Suffolk on the “Mucha on Monday” show. Having known Mucha Murapa for many years as a friend and Mentor – it was nothing but sheer pleasure to appear on his show – an hour of which is dedicated to a guest entrepreneur every Monday.

I was able to share my journey with listeners across the Town and County as well as increasing the awareness about DJV and my business success story to date. Having been a business owner for seven years (this coming May) it’s rewarding to have become established in the area and to maintain a reputation to be proud of!

Selecting five of my favourite songs past and present was also great fun. The time spent was mainly interacting and sharing how I came about starting my own business back in 2012.

I guess people get to know more about you and possibly relate that business isn’t always a “walk in the park” but if you’re dedicated and focused – the rate of success naturally increases. Nothing can ever be taken for granted and you have to take the rough with the smooth in all aspects of life.

Having previously appeared on BBC Radio Suffolk on Sunday with Georgina Wroe’s Sunday Show – I was very comfortable with being on Air with Mucha who has the natural flair and personality, allowing his guests to feel totally at ease! #SharingMyJourney




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