Celebrating 7 years at DJV Boutique, Ipswich

Celebrating 7 years at DJV Boutique, Ipswich


During the past 12 months, we’ve been very busy and embraced a number of positive changes. Our move to Ipswich Town Centre in October 2018 has proved to be positive and introduced new customers.

There’s no doubt that we’ve seen a distinct change in shopping patterns, with the uncertainty of Brexit and the economic challenges we’re faced within the UK, however as a business we continue to grow steadily and remain popular amongst our regulars. We like to consider ourselves more than just retailers and have introduced new brands (such a FRENCH CONNECTION) and Styling Packages to stimulate trade.

We continue to be grateful to our loyal supporters, who contribute to keeping our doors open. When you shop local you’re not only encouraging growth within your local community, you’re making a big difference towards the survival of small businesses. We raise a glass to toast all of you and thank you again for your support over the years!

As part of our celebrations, we’re hosting a special open day on the 25th May and a Cocktails and Couture evening on the 27th June! We hope you can join us!

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