Sustainable Jewellery by Lydia Miriam at DJV Boutique

Sustainable Jewellery by Lydia Miriam at DJV Boutique

Our mission has always been to support other small businesses and social enterprise wherever possible. Our goal for 2023 is to become more sustainable, minimise waste and reduce the environmental impact throughout our business.

To extend our eco-range - DJV Boutique is a proud stockist of ethical jewellery by Lydia Miriam. Lydia works directly with Ecuadorian Tagua artisans and donates a proportion of profits to life changing charities in Ecuador.

These beautiful beads have been made by Mariuxi and Pablo in their family run workshop in Santo Domingo de los Tsachilas, Ecuador. They are hand-crafted from the tagua nut, a sustainable seed grown on palm trees native to South American rainforests. 

Each necklace purchased come with an up-cycled Sari Bag - created by enterprising women in India & Bangladesh. 

See our collection HERE.

Handmade, Fairtrade & Sustainable.

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