Welcome Media Coverage for DJV Boutique

Welcome Media Coverage for DJV Boutique

Over the years we've been fortunate enough to attract lots of media attention. During our temporary closure, we ensured that we still 'engaged' with the media world. As an outcome, we featured in the local press and appeared on BBC Radio Suffolk, BBC Radio 5 and ITV and BBC News. The coverage and interviews demonstrated how we were coping with the impact of COVID-19 and what strategies we have in place to maintain consumer confidence. Such great exposure has kept DJV well highlighted. Naturally, all publicity is invaluable to us especially during these uncertain times on the basis of stimulating interest and sharing news-worthy updates.

More recently since re-opening we're feeling very privileged to gain more great coverage  - courtesy of  BIRA - BRITISH RETAILERS ASSOCIATION who continue to fully guide and support small independent businesses like ours.

As BIRA members, we are grateful for such support and proud to represent retailing in Suffolk.

Photo credit: Anglia Picture Agency.

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